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Peony RMB Credit Card

Peony RMB Credit Card is credit card issued by ICBC and adopting revolving overdrawing consumption mode that are internationally accepted and card issuer granting a card holder certain credit limit according to his credit standing and a card holder can consume within the credit limit and later make repayment. The highest authorized credit limit for a personal card is 50,000 Yuan. As for consumption by overdrawing within credit limit, a card holder can enjoy interest-free repayment period of 25 days to 56 days. If minimum repayment is chosen, the credit limit is recovered according to repayment amount. Peony RMB Credit Card can be used in ICBC business offices, ICBC special emporiums, special emporiums and ATMs with "China UnionPay" logo. Peony RMB Credit Card can also be used at special emporiums and ATMs with "China UnionPay" logo at overseas such as Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Settlement can be made in RMB. The card has functions of overdrawing consumption, account transfer settlement and deposit and disbursement of cash, etc.